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HBT | Create your own OEM health supplement product with HBT
  • By HBT
  • 26 January

Create your own OEM health supplement product with HBT

HBT: Malaysia's Leading OEM Health Supplement Manufacturer partner for Private Label Health Supplement

In previous blog, we explained what is OEM and ODM and how both works in the health supplement industry. 

In today's busy world, more and more people are turning to health supplements to bridge the nutritional gaps left by our busy schedules and dietary choices. Whether it's achieving specific health goals, supporting the immune system, or addressing medical needs, supplements have become a convenient solution. HBT, a standout in Original Equipment Manufacturing - OEM health supplements, takes the lead in creating products that contribute to overall well-being. Before dive into what makes HBT the go-to choice for health enthusiasts, we need to know what are the basic factors to choose or find a good OEM health supplement manufacturer partner. 

How to find or choose a good OEM health supplement manufacturer partner? 

Suggested some factors as below: 

1.Certification Proof:

Look for an OEM partner that can provide clear certification documentation to demonstrate their commitment to quality and adherence to industry standards. Visit HBT certification prove and awards here.

2.Research and Development Capabilities:

Look for OEM collaborator with strong research and development (R&D) expertise. A good R&D team guarantees creativity and flexibility to customize products according to your requirements, keeping you at the forefront in a constantly changing market. 

HBT have a dynamic and aggressive R&D team. With experienced professionals, we focus on creating new formulations with unique, safe, and natural compounds to enhance global health. Learn more about HBT business modal.

3.Production Facilities:

Carefully evaluate the production facilities of potential outsourcing firms. Make sure they have modern equipment, advanced technology, and a dedication to upholding strict quality standards. Examining their production facilities is crucial for establishing a successful partnership. 

HBT have advanced facilities and technology to ensure that our manufacturing processes meet the highest standards. Equipped with high-tech QC testing facilities, advanced machines, and stringent process reviews, we guarantee quality in every product.

4.Factory Size:

The size of a factory is crucial, particularly for production purposes. Choosing OEM with a factory size that perfectly matches your production requirements. This strategic decision can help avoid issues such as delays or inadequate capacity as your business grows, ensuring a seamless and adaptable partnership.

HBT FOOD & BEVERAGE SDN BHD is located at No 9 & 11, Jalan IAN 4, Industri Angkasa Nuri, 76100 Durian Tunggal, Melaka, with a total build up area of 7,074 square feet. Visit here to know more about HBT. 

5.Personnel Qualifications:

The backbone of any successful collaboration lies in the expertise of the team. Confirm that the outsourcing team possesses the necessary qualifications and know-how to efficiently navigate complex production processes.

In 2023, HBT won the SME100 award, which recognizes our outstanding performance. This achievement inspires us to continue to strive for even better results.  Visit our Facebook post here.

Selecting HBT guarantees not just meeting but surpass your expectations, ensuring that your choice fills you with pride and satisfaction. In short, we are your one-stop solution from idea to product, ensuring top-notch quality!  

  • Comprehensive services for the best quality 
  • Expert designers crafting your product packaging 
  • Pro marketing guidance for brand creation 

We not only create OEM health supplement products but we also guide you in building your own brand.

Contact us today & learn more!

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